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This web site is an archive of weekly columns written by financial expert Wayne Cheveldayoff. They were originally published by CP Online and syndicated to various financial news websites under CP’s “Your Money” banner.

The columns focus on investment strategies, new investment products, tax tips and estate planning.

The columns are posted on this site several weeks after publication by CP Online.

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Latest Columns:
Tips on how to deal with an investment advisor for your RRSP
To successfully deal with an investment advisor, you have to understand the core of the relationship.

Income trusts still have a place in RRSP investing
Don’t rule out income trusts for your RRSP just because they have taken a hit from federal tax changes. Many trusts are good businesses that will continue to pay healthy cash distributions and provide good growth for your portfolio over time.

ETFs are a cost-effective alternative to mutual funds in an RRSP
Exchange traded funds (ETFs) linked to stock indices are a viable, cost-effective, well-diversified alternative to mutual funds in an RRSP.

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